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Newsgroup exchange: Muslim men and Christian women - the claims and response.

Love, Marriage, Islam is a reflection on why Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men, and might make some Muslim men think of what they do to their sisters when they marry non-Muslim women instead of Muslim ones.

  • Marriage and divorce law in Malaysia: [1], [2]

    Obviously the expectation and roles of and for women in Muslim thought will shape also the expectations confronting non-Muslim women married to Muslims so that this resource list of articles on "Women in Islam" might be helpful to be familiar with.

    There are quite a number of Muslim-Christian couples, whether they started out as a mixed-faith relationship, or whether one of the partners converted during the time of the relationship.

    These interfaith relationships have often a lot of problems, especially if both are serious about their faith. There exists a mailing list which might be of great help and support to you:

    The "Loving a Muslim" (LaM) mailing list is a forum and support group for non-Muslim women [mostly Christian] in a dating or marriage relationship with a Muslim man. The purpose is that we share our experiences and questions among ourselves, learn from each other and encourage each other.

    Please honor the purpose of this list and do not try to subscribe if you are male or Muslim.

    For maximum protection the emails submitted to th LaM-list will all be anonymized. Only the moderator will know the email addresses of the subscribers.

    To subscribe, please fill out the subscription form at

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    Literature recommendations for Western women who want to learn understand the Muslim mindset:

    And a recommendation how to share your Christian faith in a non-confrontational way:

    Further books relating to the topic:

    ILSE ACHILLES, ANYA BUTT, MIRIAM BUTT: 6000 Kilometer Sehnsucht (German)
    Betty Mahmoody: Not Without My Daughter

    But I love him...

    Obviously not all Muslims or all Middle Easterners are the same. Nevertheless, these examples might help to look at certain very important questions: Some real life experiences and warnings.

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